Second meeting of the online partners’ project

Second meeting of the online partners’ project

The European Integrity Games partners met online on 11 and 18 December 2020 for the second project partner meeting.

The aim of this meeting was to bring the partners together after a period of interruption due to the health crisis. It was an opportunity to get together and discuss the situation of each other.

Secondly, it was important to discuss the progress of the project, which had been disrupted by the health situation. The consortium therefore adapted the timetable and discussed the next activities of the project.

During this meeting, an overview of the situation and the work done so far was established, the partners reflected on the next steps to be taken and finally on how to adapt the project and the activities in view of the health situation. Project management, administrative and budgetary aspects were also reviewed.

During the first year of the project, La Transplanisphère and Ohi Pezoume were the main partners working on the creation of the first two games, exploring the theme of Blockchains. From this experience, La Transplanisphère created a game creation model, which the partners can build on for their own games.

Programme for 11 December

The meeting started with an ice-breaking exercise allowing the partners to reconnect after a complicated year. Then, each partner presented the health and economic situation in their country and their organisation. After that, in order to start again on a common basis and relaunch the project, a reminder of the games to be designed and the distribution of tasks for the creation of the games was made.

In addition, a discussion on the formats of the games took place. Initially planned as role-playing games and interactive fictions, the partners finally decided to move towards escape games and 3D interactive games. Easily accessible, popular with young people and suitable for online activities, these formats seemed better suited to the artistic and educational ambitions and objectives of the project. The partners therefore discussed these new perspectives and the associated modalities.

Following this, a session “What has been done so far” took place during which Transplanisphere presented its work on the first games (escape game and 3D game) on Blockchains created during the first year of the project. More information on the creation process herehere and here. First, a general presentation of the Blockchain games was made by the Transplanisphere team to share the results obtained as well as the process of creating the games. The co-designer of the game Ohi Pezoume, intervened on the “real” game space to explain how it works. And the French Unity developer of the Transplanisphere intervened on the 3D game version of the game space to give an overview of his work.

And finally a last session “What’s next?” was organised to discuss the future of the project. As a result, Transplanisphere proposed an online workshop in February 2021 to test the first Blockchain games with European participants. The team then proposed a writing and creation process for the next games. This writing process consists of several steps to follow in order to design the “real” game space and the 3D game version.

This first session was an opportunity to show the first results of the project to the whole partnership, but also to exchange on the creation process and the learnings of this first experience. Enthusiastic about these first games, the partners were able to project themselves into the creation of their own games. In the second year of the project, the following games will be created:

Two games exploring the theme of food chains, by ExQuorum and Ortzai Teatro
Two games on the theme of Frontex Files, by La Transplanisphère and Kulturinitiative Förderband
Two games on the theme of lobbying and windmills, by Transplanisphere and Teatro Rigodon

Programme for 18 December

After introducing this second meeting, with an ice-breaking exercise and a “tour de table” of the partners, the new project schedule and the idea of the first online workshop were validated.

As a result, a more technical discussion on the administrative aspect of the project was set up. To achieve this, the Erasmus+ budget rules were discussed, as well as the impact of the health situation on the budget.

To finish this meeting, the partners focused on the overall management of the project, Erasmus+ reporting, shared monitoring tools and the project’s treasury and its evolution.


To conclude, this meeting allowed the project to be relaunched. A new agenda was decided and approved. The partners were able to update the evolution of the project and the creation of the games. The continuation of the project is assured on the administrative, financial and management part.

They also have a more precise vision of the expectations and results and a better projection in the creation of their games, thanks to La Transplanisphère which was able to present the first two games and share the methodological process of these creations.

In addition, the partners agreed on the idea of creating a hybrid version of the game space, which would be possible at a distance via a videoconference platform, designed by La Transplanisphère.

As a result, the first workshop on blockchains will take place from 15 February to 21 February 2021.
The next games and the dates of the following workshops were discussed.

The participants

Alessandro Cavoli, Artistic Director Teatro Rigodon
Christoff Bleidt, Artistic Director of Kulturinitiative Förderband and Theaterhaus Mitte
Vicente de Sá, President of ExQuorum
Hugo Coelho, Artistic Director of ExQuorum
Nadia Siokou, Artist and producer of Ohi Pezoume
Odysseas Velentzas, Game Designer of Ohi Pezoume who participated in the creation of the Blockchain games
Bruno Freyssinet, artistic director of La Transplanisphère
Marion Pollet, project coordinator of La Transplanisphere
Noémie Besace Laurens, artist and project coordinator of La Transplanisphere
Théophile Gambarotta, Unity game developer of La Transplanisphère


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