Waste Treatment 2D Game

The pitch

You’re an anti-hero, a mayor who participates in the pollution of the planet and who will discover a lot of untreated/misused waste. Along your journey, you will spread waste everywhere you go. Find your way around, jump across the platforms to find the waste and reach you car! You will discover that your actions finally have consequences…

Here is the scenery of Waste Treatment 2D game. During 20 minutes, the player will move through several platforms and 2D settings and be immersed in waste treatment and global environmental crisis. Based on a simple mechanic and scenario, this 2D game is an introduction to the waste treatment topic for a young audience. It aims to offer a  palyful tool as a gateway to raise awareness and stimulate interest among young people/children about waste treatment.

Pedagogical objectives

Introduce yourself to the issue of waste treatment and the challenges we have to face today

Discovers the heart of environmental issues. 

Learn about integrity and fraud issues associated with waste treatment.

Introduce yourself to political and public debate around environmental problems.

Stimulate curiosity and interest in these social issues, with the aim of digging deeper via additional resources.

Play the game

To play this game, simply download it on your computer

The game is an old school arcade-like 2D game, where you can move forwards and jump on different platforms with your keyboard.

Being a playful entry point to the waste treatment topic for young audience, this game can be followed by the board game. Additional information and resources are also available to dig deeper into the topics of waste treatment, features and typology of global environmental crisis. 

And now, it’s time to play and enjoy!

To go further in the learnings and topics explored:


A game created by Teatro Rigodon (Italy) and Ortzai Teatro (Spain) as part of the European Integrity Games project

Artistic direction: 
Artistic collaboration: 

Brainstorming team for plot creation: 

Kit conception and design:

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to the people that have tested the game and gave feedback on it, including participants of the Waste Treatment European workshop and Vicente de Sá, Marion Pollet, Calliope Anastasiadou, Coline Lechat, Raquel Nobre, Amaia Cid as well Rea Zekkou.

Funders: EIG benefits from the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and the City of Paris. European Integrity Games project has received the Paris-Europe Label 2021 from the City of Paris