Vote 4 Change Board Game

The pitch

Welcome, everyone! Congratulations on your application for this election, it seems we have very different profiles of candidates here. The next few weeks will be tough and competitive for you, and the ending will be disappointing for some of you. But it will also be worth it for the winner.
The winner will be the one to count the highest number of votes. To earn these votes you’ll need to win the voters’ hearts, during the whole process including the campaign, election day, counting and announcement. This election promises to be full of twists and turns, are you ready?

Here is the scenery of the “Vote 4 change” game. During 45 minutes, you will be immersed in the election world as a group of candidates, through a playful board game experience. During the game, each of you will have to endorse a role, according to the personality card you will have drawn at the beginning, that will influence your choices and trigger different consequences. To win this competition, you will have to answer questions, make essential choices, face many challenges and debate to convince your voters. But as in all elections, scandals will erupt and unpredictable events will disrupt your electoral strategies! Through this multi-phase journey, you will learn about several aspects of e-governance, electronic voting, traditional voting and electoral fraud.

Pedagogical objectives

  • Introduce yourself to the world of e-governance.
  • Discover the benefits and risks of the electronic vote. 
  • Learn about different aspects of electoral fraud and corruption.
  • Understand the electoral processes and the differences between traditional and digital voting.
  • Stimulate curiosity and interest in these social issues, with the aim of digging deeper via additional resources

The Board Game Kit

To play this game with your group, simply download the kit below!

This kit allows anyone to use and play the board game for free and without any previous knowledge required. It will guide you step by step to implement the board game (preparation, installation, solutions…) and to facilitate the game by guiding you in your role as a game master. It includes all the necessary elements for the successful running of the game as well as some pedagogical elements on e-voting and e-governance, to go further in the learnings.

The first version of this game is designed to be played with a game master. A new version will be available soon without the need of a game master. 

If you want to give us a feedback on the game and the tools, we offer a very short questionnaire to express you opinion on this experience! 

And now, it’s time to play and enjoy!

This document will introduce you with the game concept and your missions. It will guide you step by step in the installation and rules of the game as well as its facilitation. 

This manual will guide you step by step in your role as a game master (rules, questions, answers, challenges, solutions…). You just have to follow the manual which traces the entire course of the game. 

This PDF document gathers some of the elements you will have to print to implement the game (4 boards corresponding to the 4 rounds, gauges to count players points)

This PDF document gathers all the cards you will have to print to implement the game. You can print it in A4 then sort the cards in piles.

This includes pedagogical resources on the voting processes and e-governance topics as well as on fraud examples in both physical voting and e-voting.


Game created by La Transplanisphère (Paris, France) and ExQuorum (Evora, Portugal) as part of the European Integrity Games project

Artistic direction: Bruno Freyssinet

Artistic collaboration: Marion Pollet

Script and game design: Emma Doude van Troostwijk, Bruno Freyssinet, Martin Gracia, Coline Lechat, Hugo Miguel Coelho, Marion Pollet, Vicente de Sa 

Kit conception: Emma Doude van Troostwijk, Martin Gracia, Coline Lechat, Marion Pollet

Kit design: Marion Pollet

Graphic Design: Bruno Freyssinet, Coline Lechat

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to the people that have tested the game and given feedback on it, including participants of the e-governance workshop – Nadia Siokou, Idoia Rebollo, Alvaro Gascó and Christos Sekos. Thanks to Lycée Albert Schweitzer and Relais Culture Europe for hosting our events and workshops.

Funders: European Integrity Games benefits from the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and the City of Paris. European Integrity Games project has received the Paris-Europe Label 2021 from the City of Paris