Fake News Health 2D Game

The pitch

You´re a medical student and your professor calls you because he needs your help.
“As a future doctor, you will work with patients that are influenced by fake news. Come to the hospital to learn how fake news affects people so that you incorporate it into your future work.”
To succeed, you will have to run through the hospital, look for information, watch videos with information and solve some riddles. You will go through various levels, with mazes, questions, lost keys, a walk in the garden, a game of levers, culminating in a set of rooms with various questions, asked by professionals.
Are you up to dealing with so much contradictory information? 

Here is the scenery of the Fake News in Health 2D game. During 30 minutes, you will follow the story of David and be immersed in health and communication worlds
You will have to search the hospital, look for clues, solve riddles and finally complete your final mission to win the game! Through your journey, you will learn about fake news, health system, fact-checking, disinformation and regulations.

Pedagogical objectives

Introduce yourself to the world of health and medicines.

Discover the universe of fake news and its dissemination on the internet.

Recognise the concepts of disinformation, misinformation and clickbaits.

Learn about communication, health and pharmacy legislation (disinformation on
European Union).

Stimulate curiosity and interest in these social issues, with the aim of digging deeper via additional resources.

Play the game

To play this game, simply download it on your computer

The game is an arcade oldschool 2D game, where you can move around with your keyboard. In the menu, you will be able to customise the commands and to choose the language you wish to play the game in, both English and Portuguese are available.

To complete your experience, we offer a debriefing moment at the end of the game. This will allow you to express your opinion and feelings on the gaming experience but also review the knowledge you have explored! Additional information and resources are also available to dig deeper into the topics of health system, features and typology of fake news and how to try to decode possible ones. 

And now, it’s time to play and enjoy!

To go further in the learnings and topics explored:


Game created by ExQuorum (Évora) and Ohi Pezoume (Athens) as part of the European Integrity Games project

Artistic direction: Hugo Miguel Coelho
Research and plot: Hugo Miguel Coelho and Odysseas Velentzas with and Vicente de Sá, Marion Pollet, Calliope Anastasiadou, Coline Lechat, Raquel Nobre, Amaia Cid, Diogo Cinza.

Story and content: Odysseas Velentzas and Hugo Miguel Coelho
Script: Odysseas Velentzas, Hugo Miguel Coelho, Diogo Cinza, Raquel Nobre
Voices: Hugo Miguel Coelho
Production: ExQuorum

Game design: Diogo Cinza

Kit conception: Diogo Cinza, Hugo Miguel Coelho, 
Kit Design: Marion Pollet

Partnership with the multimedia course at EPRALEscola Profissional da Região Alentejo

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to the people that have tested the game and gave feedback on it, including participants of the Fake News on Health European workshop and Vicente de Sá, Marion Pollet, Calliope Anastasiadou, Coline Lechat, Raquel Nobre, Amaia Cid as well Carlos Rosa, Associação Para Além do Digital

Support from Programa Estágios Inovar from IEFP – Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional Inovar.

Funders: EIG benefits from the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and the City of Paris. European Integrity Games project has received the Paris-Europe Label 2021 from the City of Paris