Focus on Blockchain

Blockchain is based on a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. It is a secure database that contains the entire history of the exchanges made. This technology has a vast number of potential applications, from e-trading to vital records management. While tainted with the association of cryptocurrency and illicit payments, blockchain can, in fact, be used to render transactions more transparent, leaving less room for the opportunity for bribes, embezzlement, and money laundering.

For example, “smart contracts” based on the blockchain could strengthen the transparency and enforceability of contractual obligations in both the public and private sector, reducing the potential for misappropriation of public funds. 


The Games

In the escape game, two groups of players compete against each other: a group of fraudsters from the mafia who try to launder money using the blockchain and a group of investigators who try to unmask and arrest the fraudsters. The interactive video game will immerse the player in the world of blockchain and Bitcoins.

The Setting: a police investigation within the French financial intelligence unit and a corruption operation in a hackers’ operating room

The Characters: 

  • Fraudsters/mafia
  • Investigators

The Plot:  

  • A group of fraudsters meet in a hacker’s operating room to launder money. The placement of dirty money into a Bitcoin account has already been done and the group must layer the money in order to cover their tracks. The group must then convert the Bitcoins into currency to reintegrate them into the financial system.
  • The investigative group must find access to the surveillance system and detect suspicious activity on the Bitcoin trading platform. The group must then find the terminal through which the fraudsters will convert their Bitcoins in order to arrest them before the money is reintegrated into the financial system. 


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