Food Chains

Focus on Food Chains 

Your food takes a long path from its production to your table. Food chains are the complex journeys food products undertake before consumption. From protected and patented seeds, to convoluted transport systems involving many stop-offs and changing of hands, by plane, boat, or train, often our food comes to us through a long chain of production originating half-way around the world, when sometimes we could get the same food, of the same quality, just around the corner. 

How does this system work? Why does it exist, and to the benefit of whom? To understand the bigger picture, we must take into account patronized supermarket chains, intensive marketing campaigns, and global division of labour. 

The Games 

The games are inspired by the Amazon rainforest, where economical overkill threatens “the lung of the world”. By exploring how an individual’s decisions can have global implications, players learn how to make canny decisions in their daily shopping. When they enter a shop, they will see the apple they want to buy as not just a piece of food, but also (or not), an object of integrity. 

The Setting: Various worlds within the game: fictional Amazing Sutte Park America, a European metropolis, and the chain Supermarked SoulFood, just at the corner in the player ́s neighborhood. 

The Characters: 

  • Kid
  • Mother
  • The shop manager
  • The produce seller
  • The manufacturer
  • The farmer

The Plot:

  • The kid wants to buy a birthday present for his or her friend. With the help of his mother, he has to decide the most “clean” product. 
  • In order to choose any product, must first go through the journey of its production, and the myriad of decisions taken and challenges faced to get there, seeing the viewpoints of involved parties along the way and why they acted as they did. 
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