EIG future outcomes

The project wishes as a result to allow the participants of the activities as the users of the online tools to be more aware of different aspects of Integrity / Corruption / Fraud stakes. The partners hope that this will empower the European youth and change the perception of European citizens of how the system works (or should work in a better way). The corruption issue is as old as human civilization. Gaining knowledge about it may help society to change step by step.

Another result of the project expected is to make available exciting games that will stimulate the creativity of the users, and possibly trigger their will to use them several times, to share them, to tell about their experience to spread information about the project and enlarge the audience. On a general point of view, this project wants to give EU citizens a better knowledge about integrity, corruption and fraud matters. This knowledge will be disseminated through an attractive group workshop based on escape games and stimulating interactive video games for single user experience online.

More concretely, the expected results during the project are :

1. The writing of the scripts exploring key topics in relation to integrity stakes:
• Blockchain
• CumEx Files
• e-governance
• Integrity in the Civil Service
• Corruption vs Perception
• Communication and fake news on drugs and health
• Food chains

2. The adaptation of those topics as Escape Games and as Interactive Video Games. This adaptation will be made in the framework of workshops gathering trainees from the partnership.

3. A website and social media publications allowing the European public to have access to the games published for group work or for individual experience.

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