Focus on E-Governance

E-governance is the application of communication and information technologies to government service and affairs. When innovative technologies are incorporated into systems of government, they become more transparent and the relationship between citizens and politicians more trusting and honest. The implementation of e-governance tools can simplify administrative procedures – increasing efficiency as well as transparency.

Based on the example of Brazil, this episode plays through the implications of e-governance on issues of integrity; while it can aide anti-corruption efforts, it is important to bear in mind the threat of hijacking to such a system.  


The Games 

As an escape game, the group is invited to explore the story of how e-governance functions through an immersive experience. As an interactive video game, the player follows the narrative of this story, taking decisions and resolving mysteries as to how to make an e-governance system function effectively.

The Setting: a fictional country where corruption of public funds is common.

The Characters: 

  • A panel of citizens
  • The Citizen-Manager (AI)

The Plot:

  • A panel of citizens expresses dissatisfaction towards any government construction programmes.
  • The government develops an online platform called Citizen-Manager, to help the citizens supervise the government. 
  • The panel of citizens must learn how to work together to use the AI –  finding data on public funds, verifying that the government has used money as pledged, and following the progress of the programme in their own communities.


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