Frontex Files games Event

Frontex Files games Event

The event to promote the Frontex Files 3D game and board game took place at Ani Gras, a cultural third place in Arcueil, on 30 and 31 August 2022. These two events were part of the Annual Assembly of the Relais Culture Europe in France and it was organised by La Transplanisphere
These two events were part of the Annual Assembly of Relais Culture Europe. Each year, more than a hundred European cultural actors meet for two days to reflect together on the evolution of our society and on the transformations of the sector to be imagined in order to have a positive impact in the long term.

The event was structured around three key moments:

Frontex Files games presentation

Board game

The players will be immersed in the bitcoin and money laundering worlds. They will have to search the room, look for clues, solve the riddles and finally complete their final mission to win the game!
Their mission : the players are a group of students from Europol – Financial Fraud section, the top team of future investigators fighting against corruption in the digital sector. 
Through this escape game, they will learn about blockchain, bitcoin and money laundering. A game master will be with the players to help them in their mission and lead a debriefing session after the game to reflect on learnings.

3D game

The players will be immersed in the Frontex world. They will have to search several rooms, find clues, solve riddles, help some characters, complete important quests, and finaly solve this mysterious case.
Their mission : the player embody a private invastigator, who have to search the missing people in the Frontex Agency
Through this journey, the player will learn about several issues related to Frontex such as Budget management, recruitments issues, drones and biometrics use and human rights violations.


La Transplanisphere preferred to take advantage of a large annual event bringing together more than a hundred international and national cultural actors, local, national and international institutions and stakeholders to promote the games and the project. This has indeed reached a very large audience, and a wide variety of actors interested in the project and likely to use the games. In addition, 5 other dissemination events took place at the same time in the other 6 partner countries, creating a truly transnational gaming experience across Europe.
The two dissemination events therefore took place during the two evenings of the Assembly, at the end of the day, following the discussions and activities organised by the RCE. The project was mentioned and quickly presented during the day’s discussions and thus reached around 100 cultural, educational and stakeholder actors.
In the evening, dedicated moments for the project were organised and “officially” gathered 9 local and 8 international participants. The participants were representatives of artistic, cultural, civic and educational associations, national and international institutions (such as the French Institute of Tunisia for example) and stakeholders of the sector. They were all interested in the project, the serious games approach to complex and important issues, their artistic, educational, popularisation and engagement potential.


The feedback from the participants was very positive. They appreciated the project’s approach and the games, which they found innovative, original, educational and fun. They were also able to learn more about the topics explored in the 3 series of games. They are all interested in learning more about the project’s collection of 14 games and implementing them in their own activities. Discussions on new collaboration opportunities also emerged.
Finally, these two events were a great opportunity to promote the project and the results not only to the 17 participants who tested the games but also to the hundreds of stakeholders who discovered the project through the afternoon discussions.

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