Foodchain games Event

Foodchain games Event

The event to promote the Foodchain 3D game et escape game took place at Groupo Desportiva e Cultural de Santa Maria e Fontanas in Evora, the 28 March 2022. It was organised by ExQuorum
The event eventually brought together 8 participants from local organisations and local NGOs. The event thus brought together a variety of local audiences with the aim of raising awareness of the project, European projects in general, but also the productions created. The various associations involved are likely to use the games in their own activities in the future.

The event was structured around three key moments:

Foodchain games presentation

Escape game

This escape game takes place before the digital game and is introduced by the animation video that’s will immerse you in the story. The players embody a police officer that suspects a case of fraud and corruption within the police due to the financing of the Mafia family Onesto.
The players will have to search the room at the ship and the police office, look for clues, solve the riddles and try to get evidence to give to Maria Tui, so she can catch the criminal. After playing this game, it’s time to help Maria Tui in her investigation by playing the 3D game.

3D Game

Then, through the 3D game, the players will play as the previous detective’s colleague, Maria Tui. With a mission to investigate a food poisoning in a restaurant, the players will soon discover that it is a conspiracy within a company that sells dubious meat products. The players will dive into food chain, corruption, public health and low business integrity.
The players will have to search the rooms of the warehouse and the restaurant, look for clues, solve riddles and try to arrest the criminals before they fly off to a tax haven with no extradition agreement.


The event took place at the Groupo Desportiva e Cultural de Santa Maria e Fontanas in Évora, involving Bairros da Cruz da Picada, Santa Maria e Fontanas and Malagueira in the EIG project for wider promotion. ExQuorum invited more than 20 local entities to discover the project.
In addition, promotional activities were planned with some participants.
Subsequently, ExQuorum established a partnership with Câmara Municipal de Évora/ AEC Actividades de Enriquecimento Escolar to intervene in classes by organising workshops on creative games based on the EIG project. They proposed the creation of escape games and other dynamic and playful exercises on integrity themes to primary schools.
The event ultimately reached a variety of local audiences, strengthening existing contacts but also creating new partnerships to broaden the impact of the project and the target audiences.
The ExQuorum team first presented the EIG project (the partnership, the approach, the structure, the activities, the productions, the support from ErasmusPlus) and then presented the Foodchains games. They then screened the promotional video and invited the participants to get to know the games and to discuss them in an interactive presentation and debate,


The feedback from the participants at the event was very positive. They were all very interested in the project’s approach that they were able to discover as well as in the games that had been created and others that would be created in the future. They were also made aware of the Foodchains topics and of the importance of popularising such important European and local issues.

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