Food chain game

[This game will be realized in 2020]

The food chain is a long way from the creation to the table. From protected and patented seeds, to long ways of travelling – by plane, boat, train (when sometimes there are the same good nearby), to patronized supermarked chains or pushy marketing, lead us to question integrity on food production
and consumption.
The aim is to help clarifying some less clear pratices, to think on glocal transitions and to choose in a balanced way, having these reality of omnipresent and over publicity. Integrity should be the « golden ring », protected with all strenght.
The EIG project is going to produce 2 intellectual outputs out of this Food Chain topic:
— 1 script for RPG suitable to run a workshop with any group
— 1 IFG based on this script for any single user experience online

Both will provide tools to inform citizens of the gains and losses of regional and global sustainability, concerning probity.
Having as reference the forest Amazonia, in South America (where political, cultural defense – not only concerning local communities but also Earth: as known, Amazonia was referred as « the lung of the world », and economical overkill, are the main conductive wires), and the outputs may provide inspiration for the EU citizens on the canny purchases, when they enter in a shop, having the notion of the impact of a single decision to buy an apple or a wood souvenir and what may behind : it’s not only a piece of food – it’s also (or not) a piece of integrity.

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