The issues at stake: integrity, corruption, and fraud.
The tools: Escape Games and interactive video games.

These concerns permeate European society at every level but are often difficult to pin down. How can we tackle these complicated and elusive problems?

The European Integrity Games (EIG) proposes using interactive games tools to address these issues. Interactive games create a space of playful discovery, where new understanding and ideas can be found. Through interactive gameplay, players are immersed in narratives questioning integrity, giving them a tangible grasp on complex issues.

For each of its three series, the EIG project will design a collection of games in 2 formats:

  • An escape game – to be experienced in group workshops
  • An online interactive video game for single players 

Both games will be made freely available online, offering Europeans an interesting new tool to explore the issues at stake.

The three year artistic project, having been selected in July 2019 by Erasmus+, will take place from September 2019 to August 2022.

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