Badass Daddy's Bitcoins Game

Badass Daddy’s Bitcoin is the first serious game of the European Integrity Games project. It has been created in collaboration by La Transplanisphère (France) and Ohi Pezoume – Urbandig Project (Greece). 

This educational game addresses the complex and important topics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and the integrity issues related to them. Based on the escape game concept, the players are immersed in the bitcoin and money laundering worlds, through an important investigation where they have to search the rooms, collect clues, resolve riddles and complete a final mission. This immersive experience allows the player to learn more about the specifics of blockchain technology, how bitcoins work and how they are used, and the different phases of money laundering.

The objective of this game is to raise awareness of blockchain technology and related integrity issues as well as to stimulate interest to dig deeper.

In order to allow any citizen to learn more about these topics and to enjoy a playful yet educational experience, we have developed 2 types of games, based on a similar scenario: 

  • One escape game to be played in a collaborative group.
  • One 3D game to be played individually on computers.

To complete this pedagogical experience, additional resources are also available to dig deeper into the topics explored. 

The escape game approach

Studies and data related to integrity and blockchain are being revisited to propose immersive stories to be experienced in groups or individually. The public thus finds themselves actors of these issues, immersed in fictional or real situations of integrity and corruption. 

By using escape games and 3D games, the partners wish to engage people in these complex topics in a fun yet educational manner. Given the designs’ immersive and interactive nature, they hope to effectively convey some of the intricacies of the integrity topics explored, but most importantly, to touch the participants on a deeper and more emotional level, challenging participants on the individual and collective level. Being actors of the issue and exploring the topic through an emotional and immersive experience may trigger the interest of citizens in the topic and stimulate their willingness to dig deeper to better understand the issues at stake.

Focus on Blockchain

Blockchain is based on a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. It is a decentralised secure database that contains the entire history of the exchanges made. This technology has a vast number of potential applications. On the one hand, blockchain can be used to render transactions more transparent and thus more secure. On the other hand, illegal behaviours can still happen using blockchain, such as money laundering.

These games aim to educate citizens about blockchain technology, and its contribution to fostering or eroding integrity in our societies. The games focus on the first but also well-known implementation of blockchain: the crypto-currencies and more specifically, the bitcoins. The issue of money laundering has been chosen as one of the instances in which Blockchain is playing an active role in further endangering civic behaviour.

The games on Blockchain thus aim to convey some of the intricacies of the blockchain/bitcoins/integrity nexus through an immersive experience. While trying to catch money launderers by tracing their actions, they will learn about the main steps of money laundering and some of the bitcoins features.

After the games, debriefing or additional resources are aimed to be used in order to dig deeper on these issues but also to learn about other aspects of Blockchain, including in which conditions it can in fact enable to render transactions more transparent.

2 types of games

The Escape Game

This game can be organised and played by any citizen for free, thanks to a downlable kit. This kit includes all the necessary elements to set up the game and guides you step by step in the installation and in the animation of the game.

The 3D Game

This game is a digital adaptation of the real escape game. Developed on the Unity3D engine, it offers an immersive single-player experience through 3D settings and cinematics. Anyone can download the game for free on their computer.

Additional resources

To complete this pedagogical experience, additional ressources are also available to dig deeper in the topics explored. They include explanatory videos, experts interviews, articles on both the blockchain and bitcoins topics and the escape game concept.