European Integrity Games offers a collection of games (Escape game and 3D game), exploring 7 topics related to integrity:


What role does blockchain technology play in issues of integrity and transparency?


Do food chains work with integrity? What are the environmental, social and health impacts?


How can lobbying strengthen or undermine the democratic process and its integrity?


What does the Frontex Files case tell us about the integrity, transparency and ethics of our European societies?


How to know what information to trust in the health field?


Would an e-governance system make it easier to fight corruption?

Public service

How can governments address integrity issues?


Dive into the world of bitcoins and money laundering as you investigate the tracks of the Badass Daddy gang! Through these games, you will discover the complex subjects of crypto-currencies, blockchain technology and money laundering.

Blockchain games


Play the role of a private investigator and investigate a case of corruption in meat production and distribution, involving the police and the Onesto family! You will discover the integrity issues at stake in the food sales and distribution systems.

Foodchain games

Frontex Files

Dive into the heart of the European Frontex Agency's headquarters in Warsaw to solve a mysterious case and find the missing persons! You will explore the issues of integrity, transparency and ethics related to the Frontex Agency. 

Frontex Files games


Take on the role of a mayor, whose objective is to make a decision on whether to install wind turbines in his village. Beware, you will face lobbying situations and have to make decisive choices. You will learn the different rules and mechanisms of lobbying. 

Lobbying games


You will have to make important decisions and solve mysteries about how to make an e-governance system work effectively! The use of this technology and its contribution to strengthening integrity will be discussed. 

e-gouvernance games

Health Care

Make the right decisions in this complex network of communication and health providers! The communication and fake news about medicines and health that occur daily in social media will be explored. 

Healthcare games

Integrity in Civil Services

By putting yourself in the shoes of an officer "on the ground", you will explore the evolution of corruption and its process, and have to make important decisions. By addressing the evolution of corruption, we can devise ways to strengthen the integrity of our systems

Integrity in Civil Services