Badass Daddy's Bitcoins 3D Game

The pitch

“You embody a member of Europol – Financial Fraud Section. Urgently contacted by the Athens Head Office, you are asked to join an important investigation into the activities of a notorious antiquities dealer named Badass Daddy…
Arrested a few months ago in Athens, it seems that he has been contacting members of his team to conduct transactions from his hideout in Paris, where you are. The Athens Head Office suspects Badass Daddy of trying to launder his illegal money via bitcoin transactions. If Badass Daddy’s gang manages to launder his money and get it back in cash, it will then be impossible to trace and recover.
The Athens Head Office thus gives you a mission of the greatest importance: go to Badass Daddy’s hideout, try to track down the illegal money and arrest the criminals before it’s too late.
Will you manage to thwart Badass Daddy’s plans and to trace the money in time?”

Here is the scenery of the game. Accompanied throughout the game by the Athens Head Office via some cinematics, you will be immersed in the bitcoins and money laundering worlds. You will have to find ans search the Badass Daddy’s hideout, look for clues and solve puzzles to find the money and arrest the criminals. Through this game, you will learn about blockchain, bitcoin and money laundering.

Pedagogical objectives

Discover the main principles of the Blockchain technology

Discover the crypto-currencies and especially Bitcoins

Understand the different phases of money laundering

Learn more about the concept of Layering via Bitcoins

Stimulate curiosity and interest in these social issues

Play the game

To play this game, simply download it on your computer! 

The game is a first person adventure, you can move around with your keyboard and move the camera with your mouse. In the menu, you will be able to customise the commands and to choose the language you wish to play the game in, both English and French are available. To complete your experience, we offer a debriefing moment at the end of the game. This will allow you to express your opinion and feelings on the gaming experience but also review the knowledge you have explored! Additional information and resources are also available to dig deeper into the topics of bitcoin, blockchain and money laundering. 

And now, it’s time to play and enjoy!


Game created by La Transplanisphère (Paris) and Ohi Pezoume (Athens) as part of the European Integrity Games project

Artistic direction: Bruno Freyssinet 
Artistic collaboration: Marion Pollet

Script and game design: Bruno Freyssinet, Odysseas Velentzas, Marion Pollet, Nora Röders, Aleksander Pappalardo, Ester Davanzo, Kennedy Cassy, Enzo Laverny, Théophile Gambarota

Voice acting: Nadia Siokou, George Sachinis, Bruno Freyssinet, Marion Pollet 

Advisors: Frédéric Devic (Immersia – Escape Game Paris), Patrice Nadam and Mélanie Fenaert (Scape Collective), Pierre Noro (Sciences Po), Ikigai Games

Unity development and design: Enzo Laverny
Prototype development and design on Unity: Théophile Gambarota
Technical support: Nathan Bardin, Duc-Tri Vu and Thomas Planques from Ikigai Games

Software: Unity 3D
Assets: “First-person narrative adventures + complete puzzle engine” by Target Studio, Blazing Griffin, Maksim Bugrimov, Jasper Kense, Vitaly Tyavin, Oranged Keys, Purple Jump

Music: Scott Buckley – Titan and Kai Engel – Marée

Pictures: Pixabay – Chiaravi, Frank Nürnberger, Peter Dargatz, ceparedonda, Kranich17, Tilgnerpictures, suesun, Edi Nugraha, Pete Linforth, edmondlafoto, Leonhard Niederwimmer, Gonbiana, WikiImages, nonbirinonko, SofieLayla Thal, DEZALB, Wilfried Santer, Tamás Lieber, Leonid Radashkovsky, Greg Montani, Nadine Doerlé, Sammy-Williams 

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to the people that have tested the game and gave feedback on it, including participants of the Blockchain European workshop – Anne Sturm, David Cassel, Klara Rousseau, Konstantinos Kekkas, Christoff Bleidt, Vasileios Liaskovitis, Hugo Coelho, Diogo Cinza, Julio Rebocho, Riccardo Benvenuti, Katerina Protonotariou and Amaia Cid – as well as Camille Gaumont and the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre team. Thanks also to the Lycée Albert Schweitzer, the OECD and the 2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum for hosting our events to test and promote the game.

Funders: EIG benefits from the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and the City of Paris.
European Integrity Games project has received the Paris-Europe Label 2021 from the City of Paris