Badass Daddy's Bitcoins Escape Game

The pitch

“You are a group of students from Europol – Financial Fraud section, the top team of future investigators fighting against corruption in the digital sector. Due to the adoption of a new law on Bitcoin transactions, you have to be trained in detecting money-laundering operations. For this training, you will be immersed in a real situation. 
Your mission:

  • investigate the money laundering of 1 million bitcoins,
  • trace the suspicious transactions
  • catch the Badass Daddy crew before it’s too late!

To succeed, you will have to collaborate with each other, discover mysterious clues and solve many riddles. Will you manage to thwart Badass Daddy’s plans and to trace the money in time?”

Here is the scenery of Badass daddy’s bitcoins game. During 45 minutes, the players will be immersed in the bitcoin and money laundering worlds. They will have to search the room, look for clues, solve the riddles and finally complete their final mission to win the game. Through this escape game, they will learn about blockchain, bitcoin and money laundering. A game master will be with the players to help them in their mission and lead a debriefing session after the game to reflect on learnings and discuss these topics explored.

Pedagogical objectives

  • Discover the main principles of the Blockchain technology
  • Discover the crypto-currencies and especially Bitcoins
  • Understand the different phases of money laundering
  • Learn more about the concept of Layering via Bitcoins
  • Stimulate curiosity and interest in these social issues, with the aim of digging deeper via additional resources

The Escape Game Kit

This kit aims to allow anyone to use and play the escape game for free and without any previous knowledge required. This kit will guide you step by step to implement the escape game by presenting the puzzles, the solutions, the installation as well as facilitating the game by guiding you in your role of the game master, explaining the hints for the players, the debriefing and so on. It includes all the elements necessary for the successful running of the game.

What is an escape game?

If you are not familiar with escape games, this document is made for you. It introduces you to the concept of an escape game (what it is, how it works, main features...). It also presents the hybrid version of an escape game.

The Role of the Game Master

The game master is significant for the smooth running of the escape game and its success. This document presents the different missions you will be in charge of and includes many tips to make you a great game master!

Installation and use instructions

These instructions will guide you step by step in the installation of the escape game in your own space (preparation of the clues and riddles, installation of the room, checklist, hybrid version technical installation...)

The Game Master Manual

This document will guide you in your role as a game master, before, during and after the game. It includes the explanation of the game's structure, the solution to the riddles, the rules and the hints to give the players, instruction to start the game...

Elements to be printed

This PDF document gathers all the elements you will have to print to implement the game (clues, scenic elements, hints...).

Video files

This includes intro and outro videos that immerse the players the trailer of the game and some tutorial videos to install the game. 

Debriefing instruction

This document guides you to lead the debriefing that is significant since it allows the players to actually acquire knowledge tackled in the game. 

Additional Resources

This includes pedagogical resources on blockchain, bitcoin and money laundering topics as well as on escape games.